Build a Better Relationship with VIP Treatment

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One of my very favourite authors and professionals is Brian Tracy.  He is a Personal & Professional Development and Sales Expert, and he  shared these 5 ways to be charming in a 2009 blog post. However, I like to think of them as gifts we can give each person we meet, each day; so that they feel good about themselves like VIPs. When we feel good about ourselves, it is unlikely that we will be mean and destructive of others. There is just something truly compelling about feeling good from the inside out, that makes you just want to pass it on to others. Can you imagine the ripple effect if this was a human norm…or even a family norm?  So here are the 5 ways ways we can give others VIP treatment.

  1. ACCEPTANCE – Share your smile
  2. APPRECIATION – Say “Thank You!”
  3. ADMIRATION – Tell someone what you like about them e.g. skill, attitude, appearance, accomplishment, action
  4. APPROVAL – Tell someone that they did a great job and be specific. Mention what they did and how well and the value of their impact
  5. ATTENTION – Pay attention when you are communicating with others. Multi-tasking, however practical and expedient while speaking to someone, CAN NEVER communicate your positive regard for the person.
    • Look at the person you are speaking to
    • Listen carefully to what the person is saying as they chat with you
    • In replying, mention what you heard the person say, so they know that you are as author Susan Scott recommends “being present, prepared to be nowhere else.”


Perhaps on a personal level you couldn’t even tell when was the last time you experienced even 2 of these qualities, much less all 5, even from those close to you at home, work,  or in social settings.  Today choose to be the first to break the cycle and extend VIP treatment to the next person you meet. Commit to making it a daily habit. Persons who freely give approval to others will be remembered positively and people will respond positively in return. Be sure to let me know what you discover in your relationships, if you try this out.


With YOU in Mind!

~Coach Cheryll

Cheyll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP
Life & Corporate Coach

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