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Why You Need Moments of Reflection



Perhaps you know that today is Ash Wednesday  a day of religious significance to the Christian Community across the world. At heart, it begins a 40 day period of intentional reflection about life, and about one’s own life and purpose.
I don’t know what kind of day you are having as we pause mid-week, or what kind of season that you find yourself in, as we approach the end of the first quarter of New Year 2017, given that today is the 1st of March…already [smile].
But I do hope that you have check points in your week, month or at least year, where you spend intentional time reflecting on Life and the meaning and purpose of your own life. The pace of life is very very “crazy-making” and you may respond “How does Cheryll expect me to find time to r e f l e c t. I can barely keep up with the current demands of my life, and all the commitments, and expectations that the significant people/organizations in my life have of me, not to mention the various non-negotiable deadlines I have to meet?” “I don’t need reflection. I need rest!”

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