How to Have a Coaching Conversation by Life & Corporate Coach Cheryll Messam (FREE DOWNLOAD)

I created this simple e-book in preparation for two presentations on How to Have a Coaching Conversation for the Student Services Unit of the University of Technology, Jamaica. The Life Coaching methodology has powerfully and positively improved my life and communication skills, beyond the professional context. Coaching skills have enabled me to be more thoughtful in what I say; to listen more to others and pay keen attention to persons I speak to (e.g. avoid multi-tasking and be present). I am more confident in my conversations and better able to spot when a conversation is going in a way that I don’t intend and regain control to engender and preserve harmony. I am very grateful for this period of personal growth. So in preparing for the workshops, it occurred to me that maybe if I shared the content, someone would similarly experience growth in their communication skills and life. Communication is the heart of relationship. The happier our relationships become in all contexts (e.g. family, friendship, work, business, religious or social) the more satisfied we are with our lives. As a Life Coach that is my hope and calling to create the space in which you can discover greater satisfaction with your life.

Hence, it is my pleasure to freely share this e-book How to Have a Coaching Conversation. I do hope you will leave a comment on the blog to let me know your thoughts and how the content impacted you. I would love to keep in touch with you and if you feel the same, I  invite you to share your contact information with me using our subscription form located on the right column of our blog. It is entitled “Subscribe to our You in Mind JA Mailing List.” 

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How to Have a Coaching Conversation Guide – Cheryll Messam

Wishing you powerful, positive conversations that lead to discovery!

~Cheryll Messam

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