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The 10 Commandments of People Who Self-Sabotage – What They Say & Why



  1. “Nothing I do will make a difference!”
    Belief: I am a victim.
  2. “What will they say?”
    Belief: What family, friends, and people I want to like and accept me think, is more important than what I think or value, especially in relation to my own life.
  3. “I need him [her] in my life.”
    Belief: I cannot be [do it] alone.
  4. “I am going to make her do what she should do for me!”
    Belief: I have enough power and influence to force people to change their behaviour.
  5. “I would have that by now if only…”
    Belief: A good excuse will cover up my lack of action and progress in the significant areas of my life.
  6. “All my life people keep saying this or that about me, but they just don’t understand.”
    Belief: I am not responsible for the negative patterns that show up in my life, it’s my circumstances.
  7. “I’m not as smart or as attractive or as educated or as wealthy or as connected as…”
     Belief:  When I focus on the assets of others I don’t need to admit that I do not like myself or value myself highly or believe in myself enough.
  8. “I could have that, if I really wanted it.”
    Belief: It’s not that I truly can’t do something or I find it difficult, my lack of performance is due to motivation
  9. “I need more time to think about it”
    Belief: I cannot admit that I am afraid.
  10. “I don’t need help, everybody has setbacks in life.”
    Belief: If I ask for help it means that something is seriously wrong with me.


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