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Cheryll Messam
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach

You in Mind Jamaica’s Corporate Coaching Service is designed to support:

Leaders, who desire one-on-one coaching to focus on the development of  appropriate leadership behaviour (vs. technical skills such as strategy and financial management) and improve performance on their own terms, yet in harmony with their company’s objectives.  Our coaching offers Leaders a confidential,  non-judgmental, yet honest space, to effectively manage their careers, as well as to reflect on situations which drain their energy and challenge their personal & professional goals. We support our client-Leaders to develop a winning strategy to overcome their challenges, and capitalize on professional opportunities, in order to move forward confidently and efficiently with increased satisfaction with their lives and careers.

Organizations, which desire to increase employee engagement and performance through a) Improving leadership behaviour and b) Integrating employees’ professional goals with the mission, vision, values and strategy of the organization.  Organizations and their employees benefit from Corporate Coaching by enhancing leader and  employee performance in areas such as:

  • Decision Making
  • Productivity
  • Mastering Emotions
  • Effective Communication
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Goal Setting
  • Handling Stressful Situations
  • Effective Interpersonal Skills
  • Team building


As a coach, Cheryll ably and effortlessly, assisted me to take decisive actions towards my goal. She has a unique ability to help you get inside yourself to think critically and logically. Cheryll is also professional, non-judgmental, and an exceptional listener who knows how to disaggregate information. She epitomizes the qualities of a good coach, and I unreservedly recommend her. – Stacy-Ann Nelson, HR Manager, (Jamaica)

Cheryll was a great coach partner for me during a very stressful time in my life and her calm demeanor and her thoughtful questioning helped me to focus on my goals and meet my obligations to myself and to others. I would recommend Cheryll to anyone who is motivated to achieve their personal and professional goals with the help of a supportive and very skilled coach. – Laura Scott, Life Coach, Film maker, Author (USA)

I am very pleased to recommend Cheryll Messsam as a Personal & Professional Developmental Coach. As a female professional and single parent with many responsibilities, I found myself experiencing anxiety and frustration trying to balance my life and stay ‘on top’ of my career.  Cheryll, has helped me to assess my situation and make critical decisions for a more meaningful and happy life. Cheryll is very incisive and her calm and caring personality made our coaching conversations relaxing and enjoyable. – Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph, Sales Executive (Trinidad & Tobago)



Leadership Coaching has the following features and options:

  • One-on-one sessions (typically by phone/internet telephony. In-person available schedule permitting)
  • Sessions typically 1 hour (Coaching industry recommends 12 weekly sessions)
  • Assessment & debrief
  • Pre-packaged coaching curriculum
  • Customized coaching curriculum
  • Between sessions assignments

Corporate Coaching for organizations is typically offered as a consultancy with some or all the following features based on the goals of the client-company.

  • Individual coaching of employees (Coaching industry recommends 12 sessions)
  • Group coaching of employees
  • Training workshops
  • Assessments
  • Pre-packaged coaching curriculum
  • Customized coaching curriculum
  • Between session assignments


In and between coaching sessions, we collaborate with our clients and explore:

  • Client’s ideal image of self/organization with challenge eliminated or mastered
  • Who and/or what is being negatively impacted by the current challenge
  • Creating an action plan to address the challenge which is aligned to the values of the professional, leader and organization



Contact Us If You Wish to Engage a Coach Privately To Enhance Your Job Performance. Our Coaching is Done By Phone/Internet Telephony e.g. Skype on Weekdays in the Evenings After Working Hours or on Saturdays During the Day.


Contact Us To Learn How Coaching Can Support the Professional Development of  Your Leaders and Employees.


  • The Bureau of Standards Jamaica
  • The University of Technology, Jamaica
  • The Mico CARE Centre
  • Stapharm Services Ltd




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