Cheryll Messam
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach


Life Coaching

During my twelve weeks of coaching, Cheryll supported me with conviction and brilliant questions that enabled me to discover my goals and how to achieve them. She was remarkably supportive, compassionate, patient and trustful. She also helped me to experience a lot of inspirational moments that energized my thoughts in various ways. “Thanks  Cheryll, for all the hours that we spent in this process, leaving me with greater awareness about how to continue to reach for what matters to me.  Sylvia. Cardenas, Elementary School Teacher (Miami, Florida).

My discussions with Ms. Messam have been very rewarding. As a young professional Ms. Messam has guided me in solidifying my career goals and has helped me to identify areas for improvement in order to achieve my goals. I have since been appraised by my supervisor and received above average ratings. Ms. Mesam is an avid listener who takes interest in her clients. I have had fun times with Ms. Messam even as we explore the options that the world has to offer to any young professional.   – Sedonnie. Brown, Administrative Assistant (Kingston, Jamaica).

Having had a series of conversations with Cheryll about how to assess sometimes difficult life situations, I can wholeheartedly say that the strategies she was able use  to assist me to bring honesty and clarity to those situations, have been extremely useful. Having someone to walk us logically through the implications of  our approaches, attitudes and thinking , is invaluable in helping to bring some articulation between what we say we want and what we do. The purposeful  conversations with Cheryll have helped me evaluate my own actions and how they relate to the outcomes I value. – Carol Waton-Williams, Social Policy Consultant (Kingston, Jamaica)


Corporate Coaching

As a coach, Cheryll ably and effortlessly, assisted me to take decisive actions towards my goal. She has a unique ability to help you get inside yourself to think critically and logically. Cheryll is also professional, non-judgmental, and an exceptional listener who knows how to disaggregate information. She epitomizes the qualities of a good coach, and I unreservedly recommend her. – Stacy-Ann Nelson, HR Manager, (Jamaica)

Cheryll was a great coach partner for me during a very stressful time in my life and her calm demeanor and her thoughtful questioning helped me to focus on my goals and meet my obligations to myself and to others. I would recommend Cheryll to anyone who is motivated to achieve their personal and professional goals with the help of a supportive and very skilled coach. – Laura  Scott, Life Coach, Film maker, Author (Tampa, FL)

I am very pleased to recommend Cheryll Messsam as a Personal & Professional Developmental Coach. As a female professional and single parent with many responsibilities, I found myself experiencing anxiety and frustration trying to balance my life and stay ‘on top’ of my career.  Cheryll, has helped me to assess my situation and make critical decisions for a more meaningful and happy life. Cheryll is very incisive and her calm and caring personality made our coaching conversations relaxing and enjoyable. – Jennifer Gibbons-Joseph, Sales Executive (Trinidad & Tobago)

Cheryll embodies all the qualities you want in a coach: deep listener, supportive and nonjudgmental partner, insightful mirror, and caring collaborator.  Her keen mind and quick wit make the process interesting and fun as she helps you navigate towards your own solutions.  As Cheryll’s trainer, I observed her instantly and consistently shifting people towards a more productive place.  If you are considering personal and/or professional coaching, I highly recommend Cheryl!  Go for it!Barbara  Heenan, Certified Empowerment Coach, Lead Trainer, iPEC Coaching (Illinois, USA).

Client Companies

  • University of Technology, Jamaica
  • Stapharm Services
  • Mico Care
  • The Bureau of Standards Jamaica
  • Mother’s Patty


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