TESSANNE CHIN! What Else Can Her Win Mean?

Tessanne SurprisedDear Friends,

Below I share my facebook post of 18/12/2013 as I am moved to reflect on the significance of my fellow Jamaican Tessanne Chin’s win of The Voice 2013.  Her win is a very emotional experience for me and I continue to think deeply about what it all means about “What is possible?” on a personal level, an individual level and at the societal level. I hope you are uplifted by my ponderings. ~Coach Cheryll


Tessanne Chin’s win of The Voice 2013 can only have lasting value if it inspires…each of us…to take action to be and do our best…and especially to finish our ‘unfinished business’ and thus impact our relationships, and circles of influence (i.e. friends, social/spiritual groups, and organizations/businesses) and our society for better. The power of 1 determined man/determined woman is unmistakeable and repetitive throughout history.

If you are a woman, or you are a person of Black Heritage, or you are or have been a Minority in any context—you are the direct beneficiary of the fearlessness, fed-up-with-it-ness, and determination of 1 man or 1 woman. A man or a woman who used DISCONTENT AS FUEL to create a better life for self and others who well needed it. Let each of us determine what we were born to do…and go do it. Begin today.

#freedomfromslavery  #adultsuffrage  #equalrightsandjustice  #educationforwomen  #votingforwomen #equalpayforequalwork  #nomorebackofthebus

This whole Tessanne experience is so emotional for me. My mind is spinning.

Just want people to stop embracing THE VOICE that holds them back. Just want people to use YOUR VOICE and say “NO!” to limiting beliefs such as…“It can’t happen for me!”; “We always do it like this!” ; “I can’t do it!” ; “I have no money for that!” ; “I’m too old!”; “It’s too late!” ;”I/He/She/It…will never….!”

Just want us…Jamaicans especially…to stop being so outward focused on desiring the experiences of other nations and cultures, and pause long enough to turn inward and do the hard and sacrificial work of re-building our own home…Jamaica…starting TODAY.

In the spirit of the wonderful “TESSMUS” vibe, I am happy to share this Gift with you, to help you reflect on what action you need to take to move forward with your life TODAY.

E-Book Gift: Life is Just for Living. So How Am I Doing?

With YOU in Mind,

~Coach Cheryll
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