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Dennis Nally, Chairman PriceWaterhouseCoopers International in “Addressing the Talent Challenge,”  notes that fifty-eight (58% ) percent of CEOs believe that the availability of key skills is a threat to business growth prospects   ( ). Come May 2016, a new generation, born approximately 1995 -2012, will enter the workforce for the first time.  They are labelled by some as Generation Z . Among their distinctive qualities is that they have no sense of  ‘pre-internet;’ and in addition, they will present a management challenge, as their work ethic, habits, perspectives, expectations, are vastly different from the generations already represented in the workforce.

Researchers and other experts are divided on the impact of automation on employment. Rachel Stephens, in her article “Robots at Work: The Economic Effects of Workplace Automation,” September 2015, cites a  March 2015 paper titled “Robots at Work”  by Georg Graetz of Uppsala University and Guy Michaels of the London School of Economics ( ). Stephens notes that the paper concentrates on the economic effects of industrial robots. One interesting finding was that based on the implementation of robots, workers improved their productivity, and added more value to the economy, across the 17 countries reviewed in the study. Contrast this with the likely impact of McDonald Europe’s decision to install touch screen cashiers, and the growing trend by companies to install self-serve kiosks. Read the Rest…

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Workplace Issues: Believe in Yourself – Coach Cheryll Messam

Workplace Issues - Belief in Self

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