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Who Values Your Time the Most?


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Truth be told, as I review the patterns in my life from childhood to present, left on my own without PURPOSE or ACCOUNTABILITY, alas I am a time waster. Sorry to say, but it is true. Somehow among the good habits and values that were instilled in me by my parents, and other caregivers at school and in my community, valuing time just never stuck in my consciousness. Happily I see the error of my ways, and do a much better job now of being intentional about reigning myself in, and ensuring that I use more and more of my time in ways that add value to my life, and show respect for other people’s time. However, I don’t do it without  structure and support. Below I share some principles with you, which have helped me increase my sensitivity towards valuing my time. Read the Rest…

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How To Lose Another Year of Your Life

Losing Another Year


So Are You Ready to Lose Another Year of Your Life?  Here are some of the best strategies to ensure that happens.

Don’t Value Your Own Time And Insist That Others Do The Same. When we know the value of our time especially the monetary value of our time, [ (Salary/2000 hrs, i.e. avg number of hrs worked annually) = Your Hourly Salary Rate; Hourly Rate/60 = Your Per Minute Salary Rate] we know how much each activity costs us…literally. If we wish to make progress in the significant areas of our lives (e.g. Personal Development, Financial, Health, Family, Love Relationships, Spiritual, Leisure, Career), we need to become disciplined  in consciously linking our activities to our goals in those significant areas. Knowing the value of our time empowers us to ask “What return will I get for spending my time on XYZ?” For example, if your time is valued at US$10 per minute and you find yourself with 30 mins of discretionary time = US $300 value, what would give you a better return on that US $300 you are about to spend…30 mins browsing Facebook or 30 mins reading on a topic that will enhance your professional skills? Read the Rest…

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