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1st Monday Motivation!


So start off this first full week of 2015…oops… 2016 (smile) unreserved and unapologetic about what you want to accomplish. Be that person who tries – corrects – keeps going. You will achieve your desired goals.

BTW, I hope you’ve written down your goals for this year already or will do it soon. Goals don’t belong in your head. They need to be documented, just like all the other valuable matters in your life are in tangible form.


1 Goals For 2016


Your goals should have a due date with a supporting plan with action steps that you pursue daily, weekly, monthly as relevant. Review your goals and progress weekly or monthly so they remain foremost in your mind.

Many times we don’t get what we want because we just don’t remember. Why? There’s just too much going on and we get distracted. It’s understandable.

So do what you need to do to remind yourself weekly…what 2016 MUST be about for YOU.

Thanks for connecting with me. Wishing you a good week ahead, with 51 more good weeks to come! And be sure to let me know how I can support your personal & professional goals this year!


With You in Mind!



Click the link to add your name to our contact database and receive your free copy of our e-report: The Seven Deadly Sins of the Professional. 

Click the link to add your name to our contact database and receive your free copy of our e-book: Life is Just for Living. So How Am I Doing?


Cheryll Messam Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach

Cheryll Messam
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach

Coach Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP, is a Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach, Resume Writer, LinkedIn Profile Writer, and owner of YOU in Mind Jamaica, a personal and professional development company. Coach Cheryll helps local and international clients look their best on paper via professionally written resumes and LinkedIN profiles. Through consultations or coaching sessions Cheryll helps her clients overcome their workplace, career management, job search, productivity, self-confidence and goal setting challenges.

Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner
You in Mind Jamaica – Your Ally for Excellence in Life & Work
Local clients: 876-357-6397 (Jamaica)
International clients: 954-762-7942 / Skype: cmessam2
Email: (* Remember to include your  name and telephone number in your message)

Office Hours:
Coaching sessions & Consultations are done by phone or internet telephony e.g. Skype. Best time to call during weekdays is evenings 5 pm  – 10 pm EST, and on Saturdays 10 am – 5 pm.


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So How Will You Cope?

Be Strong and Courageous - Joshua 1-9


You know what? I found that last year 2014, I cried more than normal. I am not generally a crier. When I do, it doesn’t even last long, which I find frustrating because there is a time and place for a good cry.  For me it is a connecter and a cleanser. It connects me with the reality of who I am. Yes, I get affected. Yes, I get impacted. Yes, I hurt and feel broken at times. It washes my system of the pent up, burgeoning, and negative emotions and restores me to safety emotionally. I found that during my vacation leave in December, I would cry more easily. But “Why all the tears?” you may wonder.  They were due to being bombarded with loads of awful news, and in particular, the suffering it brings on people, especially vulnerable people. Read the Rest…

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