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What a Trip To The ER Taught Me About Clarity




So, here’s my story. While I lived in the USA in the 90s for college and then work, I came to know a woman, who I’ll call Sharon. We met at Church. We attended the same Adult Sunday School class and would chit chat by phone occasionally. Sharon was gregarious, welcoming, just the sweetest kind of temperament. She was the type of person you’d feel guilty not liking. One day I got a call from Sharon. Her tone was very unlike what I was accustomed to. She was extremely distressed. Alarmed. Scared. She was suffering from a serious anxiety attack and felt like she just couldn’t go on. Unknown to me, she had been on medication for anxiety for a long time. We agreed that I would accompany her to the hospital. I got in my car and headed to her apartment and we went on to the nearest hospital and sat in the Emergency Room waiting. Of course, before we sat down we did the patient intake procedure at the nurse’s station. And we waited. And we waited. And we waited. Read the Rest…

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Making a Decision You Can Live With

Decision Can Live With



Think on paper and note the pros and cons 
Documenting on paper, helps you relieve stress from a mind filled with burdensome thoughts, and it allows you to take a break and come back and review the relevant details and discuss it with others, if you so choose.

Brainstorm options without judgement
Brainstorming engages your creative, solution oriented energy. In addition, think of someone who is completely unlike you and generate options according to their way of thinking. Thinking like someone completely different from you enables you to have a more detailed view of the situation and generate much more options than you will generate limited by your own mindset and worldview.

Honestly Identify your biases
Biases increase your blind spotS, which if not confronted will set you up for failure.

Consider who and/or what will be impacted by your decision
You live in community, consequently, everything you do will have an impact on the people you interact with regularly, especially your most significant (e.g. family, co-workers, friends) relationships.

Identify the human, methods, financial, material,  and timeline elements required to  make and implement the decision
This man-method-money-material-timeline framework enables you to see  more clearly all the elements to be considered in the decision making process.

Ensure your decision aligns with your core values
Your values serve as your temperature gauge to indicate whether you are heading in the right direction. To live separated from your values is to live without peace.

Make your decision!


Cheryll Messam, is a Personal & Professional Development Consultant, Life & Corporate Coach, Career Coach, Professional Resume Writer and LinkedIn Profile Writer. Through coaching, consultations, and training opportunities, Coach Cheryll  supports Professionals who wish to master or eliminate challenging workplace, interpersonal, productivity, self-confidence, and career issues or set and accomplish realistic goals.

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