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Take Note. Take Action. Have a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2016


Given that in this one month, I experience two birthdays (It’s a Jamaican thing. Strange but true of many. Ha-ha-hah!), and the celebration of Jesus’ birth, and the eve of a New Year, I do a lot of reflecting at this time.

This morning was no different. I was led to reflect on the LOVE of GOD, and how very grateful I am to be alive at the end of another year of my life. And you know how you go from one thing to another in seconds…when you really should be concentrating on one thing? Well, next thing I knew, I was thinking of my Mother (deceased 2010) and a moment in which she loved me, so clearly. We weren’t close, so thoughts of her are always significant to me.

I am embarrassed to tell you, that Once upon a time…when I was less than 10 years old, I used to steal tamarind ball sweets from the supermarket we shopped at as a family. I used to pinch a hole in the bag and take out a few. Sometimes, I would take the whole bag. I don’t know how Mummy found out, but one day she caught me…after we left the supermarket. She took me back there, right away. Had me go to the manager and return the bag of tamarind balls…and explain why I was returning it, and.. apologize.
At first the manager couldn’t understand what I was saying. She apparently thought I was offering her some tamarind balls. I really wanted to go with her interpretation, but a brief glance at Mummy verified that ‘the piercing , threatening …look’ was real. With fear, shame and tears, I explained myself to the manager. With her own glance at Mummy, I guess she felt sorry for me, and did the gracious “Ohh! That’s ok!” and took the bag of remaining tamarind balls from me, and touched me reassuringly.
That’s all I remember of that incident. Don’t remember if Mummy said anything to me on my way home. She probably didn’t. She studied drama and used it to good effect in her parenting of me and my brothers. What I can tell you is, from that day, I learned my lesson that stealing, dishonesty, deception (including self-deception), are not good things and that they weren’t for me. To this day I am hyper against deception of any kind.
But that’s not the reason I am sharing this story with you this New Year’s Eve.
I’m approximately at the age she was when the incident happened. And I’m thinking of how hard it was for my Mummy to turn me in to that supermarket manager.
How she may have feared being judged by the manager for her quality of parenting . What she must have been thinking to herself as she stood there watching to ensure that I followed through on her instructions, and confess what I had done, and apologize for stealing. What she may have feared for my moral and character development, as a parent. Why would she steal? Why would she steal tamarind balls of all things when we have 2 tamarind trees at home; and she is eating them all the time; plus having them stewed and in drinks? It just doesn’t make any sense!!! Whatever her thoughts and conflicting emotions and embarrassment, she-turned-me-in. I had began to harbour unhealthy ideas about life which needed correction. Mummy toughened up and she-turned-me-in.
What about you, though? Do you have some unhealthy ideas about life, or unhealthy relationships which need correction, if…you are to have the Prosperous 2016 that you desire and deserve? In what aspects of your life do you need to separate your strong emotional attachment, and take a tough decision and bring correction, so that your life can flourish, and be what it was meant to be, wholesome, healthy, joyful, productive, positively impactful, attracting new and satisfying experiences? I encourage you to set emotions aside, identify what’s unhealthy in your life and holding you back, be courageous, and turn-it-in for a better life in 2016.
This New Year 2016 will reflect the sum total of our choices and responses to stressors as well as opportunities. Just like every other year. So take note. Take action and have a Happy New Year!
With You in Mind,


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Cheryll Messam Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach

Cheryll Messam
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach

Coach Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP, is a Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach, Resume Writer, LinkedIn Profile Writer, and owner of YOU in Mind Jamaica, a personal and professional development company. Coach Cheryll helps local and international clients look their best on paper via professionally written resumes and LinkedIN profiles. Through consultations or coaching sessions Cheryll helps her clients overcome their workplace, career management, job search, productivity, self-confidence and goal setting challenges.

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Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach
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