ODPEM JAMAICA UPDATE @1:20 PM – Hurricane Matthew




FRIENDS, please see below for information I gleaned from today’s ODPEM Media Briefing via RJR . Next briefing will be at 5 pm, today Monday Oct 3, 2016.
Office of Disater Preparedness & Emergency Management ODPEM News Briefing @ 1:20 PM

#HurricaneMatthew Update via Evan Thompson, Met Office @ 1: 20 pm

– Slight increase of winds
– System moving so slowly with large area of thunderstorm around the centre
– Predicted to move to the North…and so Eastern and Central parishes will be affected
– Life threatening flash floods, landslides, storm surges are characteristic as it moves towards the North
– If it gets into the territorial waters of Ja, with it slow moving, it could stay in our vicinity for a long time
– However we are mindful of possible shifts, we are analyzing as we get more info…and how we move fwd @ 5 pm Bulletin
– Showers are now light to moderate. We expect to increase moderate to heavy
– So we are still on guard
– We are still under a Hurricane Warning



ODPEM #HurricaneMatthew Update via Min. Desmond McKenzie / Local Govt @ 1: 20 pm

– We sent buses to Pt. Royal, we spent 2.5 hours and only 4 people left…2 adults and 2 children.

– Based on info Evan Thompson/Met Office just gave we are still not out of danger. Will have discussion to see if…again…we can deal with the issue of Pt. Royal

– We have nationwide 85 shelters, with over 1800 persons in shelters. St. Thomas has 6 shelters with over 700 occupants

– Protocol? Once you enter the shelters the various authorities will start making provisions for occupants.

– Supplies provided at Shelters? We work with Red Cross and Salvation Army. Food…hot meals/tin items. Many have received the supplies, we are still working on delivery, especially to harder to reach areas.

– There are cases where people create their own shelters due to where the official shelters are. However, all official shelters have been coordinated with close reference to the Security Forces.

– While shelters are operating, we are expecting that as soon as the system makes way into Ja and then leaves…we have to make provision for Schools. Already schools..esp Eastern Ja have lost out on days.

– The Homeless? Response has been tremendous. Salvation Army has been making provision via clothing and meals…right across the country.

– We are at the point where we have to stretch out our hands to ask for assistance for persons in Shelters and those marooned… RELIEF DONORS –NCB Foundation, Kirk Dist, Vashwani. We APPEAL to Jamaicans…CORPORATE JA, to help with relief effort.

– A lot of people think we’ve seen the end of Matthew…but NOT based on this Met Office Report.

– We advise the public that the Govt is working. We stand by the decision we have taken. What we’ve done, we done in the best interest of the country.

– At 5 pm today we will give another update and we hope to share with the nation the state of things with Matthew


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