How To Connect Your Time to Making More Money



Do You Need More Money?

I hope you realize by now that the adage “Time is Money” is certainly not foolishness. Time provides you with opportunity to think, to choose, to be creative, to make strategic connections and to take action. Each of those activities are used daily by persons in excellent financial health to create and maintain wealth. So if you are serious about increasing your cash flow or improving your financial health; and you are ready to give yourself permission to be wealthy, rich, financially prosperous…whatever name you give it, then:

  • Develop a strong awareness about how you spend your time
  • Make a serious commitment to stop wasting time
  • Look for Time Stealers and eliminate them. BE RUTHLESS! Yes I mean it. That’s what it will take to see the change in your income
  • Directly connect your use of time to activities that increase your income or cash flow

You may be wondering, “Now how can I directly connect how I use my time to increasing my income or cash flow?”  You can do this in 2 ways.

  1. Directly – Consciously, spend most of your work time on activities that earn you money e.g. Selling a product or service; Networking to get more customers to purchase your product or service; Creating new/more products/services to offer customers; Managing resources that are necessary to produce your product/service. Let’s be honest, most people don’t use most of their work time for ‘productive’ work. So there is a lot of  time slipping away that could be converted to cash. Take a hold of your use of time. REMEMBER you don’t have to be a formal or big businessman/woman to “conduct business” in exchange for income. What skill do you have that will solve someone’s problem so that they are willing to pay you for it? Can you teach, bake/cook, drive, clean-up, create things, sing, write, speak, design, do errands, sew, do accounts,  book-keeping, file, type?
  2. Indirectly – Spend most of your “free” time on activities that improve your skills, knowledge, attitude, self-discipline so that you perform better on your existing job. When you perform better on your existing job a couple of things happen 1) Mainly you immediately improve the value of your resume by being able to highlight “tangible accomplishments” that will make you attractive to a new employer.  This will strengthen your job search, if you choose to look to another employer to get a higher salary 2) You will be noticed favourably on your existing job and be more readily considered for promotions or opportunities that you can leverage for benefits at your workplace or in another context.

Things will turn around for you financially when you become convinced that your time has monetary value, and you act accordingly.

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