Aren’t You Tired of the Excuses-Excuses-Excuses?



Stop Making Excuses
and  You Will Stop Living
a Less Than What You Want Life

The next time you listen to or make an excuse, pause and reflect. For people do…[invest time-money-thought-emotion]…what is important to them. So what gets done in a day is what is important to us. However much of what we consider important…is not. Otherwise we would live with more joy and less regret. Therefore, life is asking us to become more skilful at determining what is truly important for our lives, sooner. Life is also asking us to have the courage to take action on what we…[now] know is important. BEGIN TODAY.

Get something to write with. Ask yourself and note the answer to:
“What is one pending item in my life, about which I have been making excuses; however, I know that if it was resolved today I would have a better quality of life and a greater sense of well being?”
Example: I need a salary increase or a second income to restore my financial health.
Next, ask yourself:
“What is one action I can take over the next seven (7) days to address the matter?”

I can revise my resume in order to begin searching for a new job.
Write a Goal Statement with an appropriate timeline to hold yourself accountable to taking action.

To improve my financial health, I will begin by revising my resume by Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 in order to facilitate my job search to attract an appropriate salary increase.


To hold yourself accountable to taking action and completing your sub-goal (e.g. Revise resume) over the next seven days, towards achieving your main goal (e.g. Find a new job with adequate salary), identify a safe (non-judgmental, responsible, encouraging) person. Ask the person if they would be your success-partner by holding you accountable for completing your goal by the date you set and cheering you on as you take action each week.

I believe in you. I believe that if you make the choice today, life can be different and better for you. What about you, though? Do you believe your life can be different and better than ever?Do hope you will identify at least one (1) action you can take and complete over the next seven (7) days to move forward on the pending matters that keep you from that fulfilled life you know you can have, and definitely deserve. BEGIN TODAY.

Cheryll Messam
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Looking forward to being Your Ally for Excellence in Life & Work as you are bound for your best year to date! BEGIN TODAY!


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