February, 2017

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This is the story of Kathleen, a client of one of my Coach colleagues, Karyn Greenstreet. I too have been a client of Karyn and I must say she is quite competent. So be sure to check out her great content on her website after your read Kathleen’s story, at passionforbusiness.com

Now back to the story of Kathleen. I read Kathleen’s story and found it striking. I thought that instead of writing my own post, I should share this simple, powerful and very human story with you. I read it and I saw myself. I saw my clients. I saw my family members, friends, colleagues I work with, and other folk that I know and observe in daily life.

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One Main Way to Love Yourself More



Stop taking things personally! If you more often than not take things personally you are indulging in what psychologists call “Personalization.” Personalization is a cognitive distortion. So what is a cognitive distortion, you may wonder? A firm belief that something is true, when it is not. The problem is that the erroneous belief negatively impacts how we see ourselves, others, and the world in which we live. This in turn influences our poor decision making in the significant areas of our lives. Read the Rest…

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