November, 2016

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What a Trip To The ER Taught Me About Clarity




So, here’s my story. While I lived in the USA in the 90s for college and then work, I came to know a woman, who I’ll call Sharon. We met at Church. We attended the same Adult Sunday School class and would chit chat by phone occasionally. Sharon was gregarious, welcoming, just the sweetest kind of temperament. She was the type of person you’d feel guilty not liking. One day I got a call from Sharon. Her tone was very unlike what I was accustomed to. She was extremely distressed. Alarmed. Scared. She was suffering from a serious anxiety attack and felt like she just couldn’t go on. Unknown to me, she had been on medication for anxiety for a long time. We agreed that I would accompany her to the hospital. I got in my car and headed to her apartment and we went on to the nearest hospital and sat in the Emergency Room waiting. Of course, before we sat down we did the patient intake procedure at the nurse’s station. And we waited. And we waited. And we waited. Read the Rest…

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