April, 2015

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When to Ask for Help

It's OK to Ask For Help!


It is an awful experience to ask for help when you truly need it, only to get turned down. It’s even worse when the person who turns you down is someone who you are especially close to and who should be willing to help you; or someone you have helped on countless occasions.  It can get even worse than that. You can ask for help and your ‘helper’ mishandles the situation and makes things worse. Consequently you may become convinced  of the  popular view “If you want anything done–do it yourself!” or “God helps those who help themselves!”  Nonetheless, as much as we would like to avoid disappointment, and feeling exposed and vulnerable, we just can’t do it all by ourselves. In addition, we live in communities e.g. family, workplace, friendship, clubs. These communities require that we interact and support each other as the needs arise.  Are you someone who has a hard time asking for help? If so, other people will have a Read the Rest…

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Dealing With Your Button Pusher

A button-pusher is anyone or any situation that makes you feel consistently provoked to the point where you are at serious risk of losing control and your sense of composure. This tremendous negative impact on your emotions, is not only due to the provocation whatever that may be. It also has to do with the strong likelihood that your button pusher is someone &/or a scenario from which you can’t easily disengage or avoid.  The seeming “No Escaping This!” clause is what ‘ups’ the pressure in you, making you think of doing and saying things Read the Rest…

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