February, 2015

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Who Values Your Time the Most?


TIME (1)
Truth be told, as I review the patterns in my life from childhood to present, left on my own without PURPOSE or ACCOUNTABILITY, alas I am a time waster. Sorry to say, but it is true. Somehow among the good habits and values that were instilled in me by my parents, and other caregivers at school and in my community, valuing time just never stuck in my consciousness. Happily I see the error of my ways, and do a much better job now of being intentional about reigning myself in, and ensuring that I use more and more of my time in ways that add value to my life, and show respect for other people’s time. However, I don’t do it without  structure and support. Below I share some principles with you, which have helped me increase my sensitivity towards valuing my time. Read the Rest…

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Do You Love You?

I Love Me Too!


I love myself by

  1. Accepting myself fully, that is, the good and bad of who I am, while always striving to be better
  2. By dealing with unfinished business quickly so that bitterness, anger, anxiety has no chance of taking up residence in my soul
  3. By practicing self-respect, and insisting on respect in all my relationships, while showing respect for others
  4. Knowing what nourishes my soul and fills me with joy and laughter and making time for regular and generous doses
  5. Taking the time to identify my purpose in life, and live true to the fulfillment of my purpose
  6. Understanding my need to be connected to others as well as separate from others and honoring that need without guilt
  7. Attending to my priorities whenever I need to without needing to explain or apologize to others
  8. Saying “No” when I need to and without guilt
  9. Believing that only the best is good enough for me
  10. Fearlessly accepting the consequences of my actions, and humbly learning from mistakes
  11. Setting worthy goals and going the distance to achieve them
  12. Taking care of my physical and emotional health by eating well, getting sufficient sleep, regular exercise and stress management
  13. Loving myself first, which enables me to love others


How many of these statements are true of you?  Why not rate yourself, and for those which are not true of you, (as yet) ask yourself  “Why not?” Make a note of your answer and commit to personal growth in that area in 2015.

This Valentine’s Season I Wish for You

Generous Doses of Love for Self Too!



Coach Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP, is a Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach,  Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, and owner of YOU in Mind Jamaica, a personal and professional development company. Coach Cheryll helps local and international clients overcome their workplace, career management, job search, productivity, self-confidence and goal setting challenges.

Cheryll Messam, CPC, ELI-MP
Certified Professional Life & Corporate Coach
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner
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