December, 2013

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A “Tessmus Gift” For You! Free Coaching Offer on Career Concerns!

Dear Friend,

Do You Have a Career Concern? Well I can help you think more clearly about it and devise an effective strategy to conquer it!

As you may have guessed I am Jamaican. As you may have heard, or witnessed if you know a Jamaican, we-are-completely-over-the-moon-with-joy at the great victory of our fellow Jamaican Tessanne Chin who is now unquestionably The Voice 2013. Of course, we’d like to believe that Tessanne is The Voice Forever!!!  Oh bwoy I digress! As I was saying, I am sooo emotional and inspired by Tessanne’s journey; her relationship with her Coach–Adam Levine, and the wonder of that dynamic; her focus; her determination; her consistent execution and excellence, that in ‘the Spirit of Tessmus”  as we are now referring to this season, I wish to share my gratitude and joy at receiving such a wonderful life lesson in EXCELLENCE! So I am offering a helping hand to any professional who desires it. Other than the gift of Faith, I know of no better gift to offer you than the clarity and encouragement so many receive through Life Coaching. Read the Rest…

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TESSANNE CHIN! What Else Can Her Win Mean?

Tessanne SurprisedDear Friends,

Below I share my facebook post of 18/12/2013 as I am moved to reflect on the significance of my fellow Jamaican Tessanne Chin’s win of The Voice 2013.  Her win is a very emotional experience for me and I continue to think deeply about what it all means about “What is possible?” on a personal level, an individual level and at the societal level. I hope you are uplifted by my ponderings. ~Coach Cheryll


Tessanne Chin’s win of The Voice 2013 can only have lasting value if it inspires…each of us…to take action to be and do our best…and especially to finish our ‘unfinished business’ and thus impact our relationships, and circles of influence (i.e. friends, social/spiritual groups, and organizations/businesses) and our society for better. The power of 1 determined man/determined woman is unmistakeable and repetitive throughout history. Read the Rest…

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How Well You Speak Matters!

How Well You Speak Helps You Stand Out POSITIVELY. Think about it, haven’t you felt wonder,  or been amazed or  helplessly  charmed by someone you met for the first time who spoke well? When competing for scarce benefits e.g. jobs or a promotion at work or having people think readily of you to share news and information on opportunities which may be of great benefit to your life, a LASTING POSITIVE IMPRESSION pays great dividends.  To be an effective networker, job seeker, business person you need to be remembered…positively. You can achieve this by practicing to speak well. Read the Rest…

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Increase Your Mental Strength

Hi Friends,

Happy to share with you an excellent article on how we can increase our mental strength. The article is written by Amy Morin, who is a guest writer for

5 Powerful Exercises to Increase Your Mental Strength Read the Rest…

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