July, 2013

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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to our YOU in Mind Life & Corporate Coaching Blog.

WELCOME, so glad you have taken the time to visit! Our YOU in Mind Blog, is just that – a blog with YOU in Mind! We hope it will be for YOU a treasured resource which helps you grow in personal leadership, and leadership of others. We also hope that the knowledge share here will enable you to live joyfully, powerfully, purposefully and in keeping with what you value most for your engagements in your personal and professional life.  The information we share with you will help you:

  • be honest with yourself and with the other significant persons in your life;
  • be thoughtful about the direction your life is taking and skilled in correcting your course, to ensure desirable outcomes
  • communicate effectively and influence others for purposeful action
  • set meaningful intentions and follow-through to successful completion
  • effectively confront and overcome internal and external energy drainers
  • think and act strategically
  • continue to be a life-long learner

Ultimately our You in Mind Blog is one more resource we have provided with YOU in mind as we support your excellence in life and work.

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